Your Audience Wants More Video on Social—So Give it to Them

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Knowing you need to invest in social media marketing is a lot different than perfectly executing on it. Today’s social media platforms connect brands to 3.196 billion users—and that number is increasing daily. So where should you be investing? It turns out video is the social media content format that many marketers are betting on when it comes to driving ROI across each phase of the funnel. Here are three reasons why:

Expand Brand Awareness

Social media channels can get your brand, content, and products in front of new audiences. Yet driving visibility on social media is both an art and a science. Attention spans are often short, and users’ feeds are overloaded. With that in mind, it’s important to deliver eye-catching content in formats users want to consume—and for that, social video is key.

Just how much time are audiences spending watching video on social platforms? 500 million people watch videos on Facebook daily, while Instagram has seen an 80% increase in the time users spend watching videos. There’s a strong case to be made for video on every major social platform today.

For example, Twitter, has records of a brand achieving a 545% lift in positive brand sentiment. More widely, brands using video on Twitter saw up to a 53% increase in personal relevance, an 80% lift in ad recall, and a 34% increase in purchase intent.

There are several ways to measure the ROI of brand awareness efforts when it comes to using video on social. By using social attribution links you can track how many people watched your video on social and then took an action that led to a conversion. Proving ROI can be difficult for any social marketing efforts, but increased visibility and brand recognition is a priority for most companies today—and social video can help achieve both of these goals.

Drive More Authentic Connections

Social media lets you interact directly with consumers and potential customers on a very personal scale. Do your marketing goals include an increase in positive sentiment? Social video can help your brand build emotional connections with followers by meeting them where they are and engaging with them in a way that can seem more authentic.

From an ROI perspective, the more your content is organically shared, the more people see it and take action.

As a format, video is one of the most effective ways to increase engagement on social media. Social video generates 1200% higher engagement than text and images combined. Video on Twitter is also 6x as likely to be retweeted. If you’re struggling to get your audience to engage with your content on social media, it might be time to explore video content.

Increases Sales

Social media marketing can directly support your product marketing campaigns. You might be promoting a product launch, increasing the discoverability of your offerings, or sharing testimonials from customers who love your products. Incorporating video can increase people’s willingness to engage with this product-related content.

People use social media to discover brands and products they want to buy—and videos are one of the most effective ways to reach them. In one case study, a video social expert noted that when retail lifts were factored in, the ROI for a social video ad campaign was 500%.

Incorporating Video Has Never Been Easier

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