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The demand for video content is greater than ever before. Data shows that consumers not only crave it, but that it performs better than any other type of content. But, while the proliferation of smartphones with built-in HD cameras and video editing apps make quality video content creation seem easy, it can still be quite time-intensive and costly to produce. 

Getty Images’ curated galleries and exclusive collections deliver an endless series of themes and the latest visual and video trends for you to browse through when your creativity could use a kickstart. Whatever you’re searching for, a look through Getty Images’ collections for videos is sure to open up the door to your imagination and drive your search towards the most emotionally engaging videos. 

Deliver an unrivaled content experience

4K video has quickly become the standard in video creation. It’s more accessible than ever—most smartphones can shoot 4K video—which means your customers have come to expect the same high-quality, high-definition experiences from your brand that they enjoy in their everyday life. What’s more, high-def 4K video will stand the test of time longer as screen resolutions continue to evolve across TV, computer, and mobile devices.

However, for many brands, producing original 4K video footage isn’t practical—it may not be in the budget or you may not have team members with enough bandwidth to manage it. Fortunately, our 4K Video Gallery delivers a collection of high-quality, high-definition 4K video to support all your campaign and video production needs. From stunning cityscapes to travel vignettes to time-lapse videos, our 4K video assets can help you deliver authentic, powerful content experiences that help your audience feel like they’re part of the moment. What’s more, these clips are offered at the same price as HD video, so you won’t have to sacrifice your vision for budget constraints.

Redefine masculinity

Images have the power to shape—and change—public perception. But while the world is full of diversity, the images we share are too often steeped in cliches or stereotypes. Representation matters—and sharing images of the world as it actually is ensures people of all cultures, creeds, and colors are respected and seen.

The conversation around what it means to be masculine is changing, and brands have taken note. It wasn’t too long ago that a diversity of images of fatherhood was scarce in stock libraries. The images of fathers and men that did exist were steeped in stereotypes—men fishing, grilling, hunting, playing sports with their sons, and drinking beer. When it comes to sharing authentic stories, there’s more appetite than ever to represent and celebrate men in all their roles and identities.

That’s why we’ve curated another collection of video assets that redefine representations of masculinity and show a more modernized view of gender equality. Our New Masculinity Video Gallery celebrates men in a more inclusive, emotionally-available, and non-gendered light—from involved caretakers and stay-at-home dads to men working collaboratively in the workplace to same-sex couples and transgender people—and everything in between.

Slow it down 

It’s no secret that marketers are in a constant battle for consumer attention. Small innovations and techniques can make all the difference between content that’s memorable—and content that’s ignored.

Slow motion video is one technique that filmmakers have long used to capture audience attention. It’s proven to hook audiences, evoke positive emotion, and deliver the sense that time is actually moving more quickly. Now, many marketers are using this technique to increase brand awareness. And in a world where marketers are in a constant battle for consumer attention, adding this technique to your video content can make all the difference.

Our curated Slow Motion Video Gallery includes mesmerizing content that will emphasize your message and help your audience connect on a deeper, more emotional level.

Whether you’re a creative, editorial, or marketing decision-maker, you need access to high-quality video to fuel your content. Explore Getty Images to find authentic, high-quality video assets that encompass the latest video trends and techniques to meet all of your creative needs.