Upgrade with 4K Video

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Audiences are demanding high-quality video experiences, especially as the screen resolution evolves to display ultra-high-definition video. For this reason, 4K video is quickly becoming the standard in video production.

Consider this example: The VP of marketing for a large consumer packaged goods company wanted to create an engaging video campaign to stand out from their competition. By creating time-lapse videos of people enjoying the company’s products in everyday life and high-quality video that depicted the company as being forward-thinking, 4K video helped the marketing team connect with customers in a more authentic way.

Here’s a closer look at what you need to know to integrate 4K into your video strategy.

Understanding 4K video

4K video gets its name from the fact that it has four times the pixel resolution of standard high definition 1080p video. 4K video is increasingly used because it offers the highest possible quality to viewers (who might be watching the video on a TV, computer, or mobile device). In 2017, Facebook even started allowing pages and profiles to upload and watch 4K video on the platform, acknowledging that brands are overwhelmingly relying on the 4K video format.

What 4K video means for brands

The quality of video in your creative campaigns may also send a message to your audience. Are you positioning your brand on the cutting edge? Or perhaps you’re simply taking every step to ensure that your creative assets have the same level of sharp, professional polish as the rest of your branding efforts. To put the importance of 4K into perspective, Netflix allows viewers to stream 4K on their devices. So, you’re in good company if you use 4K video, which may be an effective way to position your brand as one that is tech-savvy and one that cares about offering your audience the best possible experience.

For brands, upgrading to 4K video offers several advantages:

  • 4K displays in ultra-high-definition, offering a compelling visual experience that stands out to audiences regardless of which device they are watching it on
  • 4K video will continue to work on devices that evolve to higher resolution displays
  • 4K video offers more choices in the post-production stage, allowing for more sophisticated editing effects

Access to 4K video with Getty Images

For many brands, producing original 4K video footage isn’t practical—it may not be in the budget or you may not have team members with enough bandwidth to manage it. The good news is that you can access original high-quality 4K video assets without a heavy lift and successfully launch a high-quality video strategy.

When you have a Getty Images plan that includes 4K video, you can access nearly 1.5M 4K videos, including b-roll footage and fully produced assets, at no extra cost. You can choose an annual download limit and then download video assets when you need them without having to worry about daily or monthly limits.

Large team? No problem, certain Getty Images plans allow unlimited users so everyone on your team has access to search for video assets (rather than letting the responsibility fall on a select few). Since a Getty Images plan offers broad usage rights, you can also use the 4K video assets on a range of platforms, including social or your website, depending on which level of usage rights you choose for your plan.

Are you ready to learn more about how 4K can take your video strategy to the next level? Explore Getty Images Premium Access plans today.