The Download: Season 2, Episode 1

Keeping it real with authentic videoWhether competing for clicks or connecting with consumers, video that looks and feels authentic can make your brand stand out. In this episode of The Download, our visual experts: Share insights on why authenticity matters Go behind the camera with exclusive video contributor Lighthouse Films Provide search tips to easily [...]

Premium Access Live! – March 2022

Live: Search Tips, Tricks, and TrendsAired March 3, 2022With millions of the world’s best images and videos, how do you find the best ones for your project? Join customer success co-hosts Lizzy Day and Jennifer Kelly and our team of insiders—LIVE—as they share the latest tips from the latest Getty Images search guide—showing you how [...]

The Download: Episode 4

Creating Impact with Sustainable VisualsThe global pandemic has changed attitudes and shifted priorities…But through it all sustainability has remained important to consumers. What does this mean for your brand’s marketing and communications now and in the year to come? Join our panel of visual experts for our final episode of 2021 as they:  Dive into our Visual GPS research to report on what consumers are saying about sustainability   Discuss how showing a commitment to sustainable practices can drive results   And share [...]

The Download: Episode 3

Why Is Your Brand on Social Media?You say you want to go viral…and be authentic. But why is your brand really on social media? Join guest Kirstin Benson, Getty Images VP of Global Entertainment, and our team of visual experts as they show you how to focus on your goals and build a strategy for [...]

The Download: Optimizing your Premium Access

Optimizing Your Premium AccessAre you getting the most out of your Getty Images subscription? Join Customer Success Director Lizzy Day and our team of insiders as they take you from set up and search tips to account administration and download workflows—showing how your Premium Access resources will have you working faster, managing smarter, and finding [...]

The Download: Episode 2

September 15th, 2021

What do we see in sports that make them so great? Join guest Ross Watson from M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment and our visual experts as they discuss the power of sport imagery and what it can do for your business.

The Download: Episode 1

July 14th, 2021

How do you create impactful videos for your brand? Join our special guest and panel of video experts as they show you how Getty Images can help you break through with the world’s best video clips.

Visual GPS

The secret to visual storytelling lies in knowing what imagery triggers a visceral response from your audience. Getty Images’ new research study helps inform you how to cut through the crowded visual landscape with content that is relevant to today’s consumer.

Visualizing Sustainability

Sustainability is a key factor for today’s consumers. 9 out of 10 North Americans believe their purchasing decisions will impact the future of our planet. Learn what imagery is most impactful from lifestyle trends to corporate sustainability solutions.

Pivot Your Message with Custom Solutions

Business is adapting to a world post-covid, and you must pivot in order to connect with customers. Hear from our Creative Director, Andrew Delaney, about how Getty Images is helping customers to pivot their brand messages with Custom Solutions.