The Download: Season 2, Episode 3

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The Top Customer Questions of 2022 (so far)

From usage rights to authenticity, SEO to the new VisualGPS Insights tool, the topics we covered this year on The Download generated lots of great questions from our viewers. As we prepare for the final episodes of 2022, our experts keep the conversation going with answers to some of your most burning questions—both from our live Q&As and submitted through our Customer Success Managers around the world.  

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1:57 What is the difference between Signature and Elite content?
2:47 Can I include video in my subscription? How many download “credits” do they use?
3:14 If you download an image more than once, does it count toward your download cap number more than once?
3:46 If someone on my team downloads an asset, is there a way that I can find out which assets have been previously licensed?
6:24 What is the difference between creative and editorial assets?
8:26 My plan has unlimited users; can I add users from one of our sister companies that’s under the same corporate umbrella?
9:20 Can I share my Premium Access subscription with my team overseas?
10:36 Can affiliates of our company use the content within my account?
11:35 How do I add/remove users to our Premium Access account?
13:11 Can my agency use the content from my Premium Access account?
15:01 Do I need to give licensed content credit for social media uses?
15:49 How does your new VisualGPS Insights tool connect or fit into my workflow?
19:08 Can I use the content from my Premium Access plan perpetually. And are there any restrictions on using the content?
20:21 Can I reuse a “royalty-free” image in a different social story without licensing/downloading it again?
21:26 How do I know what’s included in my Premium Access plan?
22:28 How can I access hi res comps?
23:29 Can I use the images from my Premium Access plan in TV commercials?
24:37 Can I give a non-user visibility of content available within my Premium Access plan?
25:45 Is there a way to vote for a favorite image if we share the “Board” with a team of reviewers?
27:07 Is there a way to download all images and video from a Board?
27:54 What are the boxes containing phrases that pop up during my search? How do I use those?
28:58 How can I avoid seeing the image/video I chose being found in many other places?
29:55 Does Premium Access include music downloads?


Jennifer Kelly
Customer Success Manager

Lizzy Day
Director, Customer Success

Candace Marks
Senior Director Product Management

Marnie Lusis
Senior Manager, Corporate Counsel