Premium Access Live! September 2022

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Premium Access Live! Demystifying Your Usage Rights

Aired September 14, 2022

Hooray! You found the perfect image or video. But do you know all the possible ways you can use it? Join our team of licensing experts as they show you how to better understand your usage rights, steer clear of costly legal complications, and what to do if a use case goes beyond your Premium Access Plan.

In this episode of Premium Access Live!:

  • Share the latest releases, VisualGPS research, and collections
  • Break down what you need to know about Commercial vs. Editorial usage
  • Show what to do if your use case is not covered by your Premium Access plan
  • Answer licensing FAQs—and your questions—live on-air

It’s an info-packed hour you don’t want to miss.

Bonus content

On this episode of Premium Access Live!: Our Rights and Clearances experts answered burning questions about commercial usage rights. But time…ran out. Now, we got our team back together for “Premium Access Live! Overtime” to bring you bonus takes from September’s episode. Watch it now, on demand!


Rachel Brinton Matthews
Senior Art Director

Lizzy Day
Director, Customer Success

Jennifer Kelly
Customer Success Manager

Patty Lok
Manager, Rights & Clearance

Daniel Montoya
Research Editor

Nicola Corbett
Director, Rights & Clearance

Heather Cameron
Director, Legal Risk Mitigation

Premium Access Live! is an insider’s look at Getty Images’ Premium Access Agreement. Brought to you by the team behind The Download, this quarterly web series sets you up for success and helps you get the most out of your visual asset spend. For creatives to editors, admins to art buyers, whether you’re new to Getty Images or have been a customer for years, we cover the ins and outs of what makes your Premium Access plan the perfect choice for your ongoing image and video needs. Check here for upcoming episodes.


What exactly is meant by "Creative" images?

“Creative” refers to art-directed images and video intended for any and all uses, including use in commercial projects like advertising, websites, blogs, presentations, video productions, as well as virtually any other project you can imagine, within the terms of our content license agreement.  These are visuals created to promote, support, and endorse products and ideas.  This content can be used in commercial products as it is fully released (meaning person and places depicted have signed releases permitting such use).

What’s the best way to search for a person and get shots of that person, not shots where that person is merely mentioned in caption. For example: Photos of Vladimir Putin, not photos of protests of Putin.

For Editorial stills, use the ‘Specific People’ filter. There is no concomitant filter available for Editorial video.

So how do you access the guide?

Check out the newest Getty Images Search Guide:

With Boolean operators, do parentheses matter? as in: "sky and (cloud or plane) not (bird or ball)

Parentheses are not required, but they may help you more quickly isolate different parts of a long, complicated search string, which can be helpful if you make lots of modifications or tweaks to your search.

Can you share the list of search modifiers?

You can view search keyword tips here – Getty Images Search Guide:

When login with premium access, I notice stock images are not included but are they available when not logged in?

You do not have to be logged in to view content on our website.  However, we recommend logging so that you can view the content that is included in your Premium Access.  If you are not seeing content under your Premium Access search results that you think is included your agreement, please reach out to your sales rep. If you would like to share a preview of the content included in your agreement to someone that does not have a username or is not part of your agreement, you can create a Guest Preview link.  To access this link, navigate to Your Account -> then to Overview. Under Agreements, click on “Share preview.”  This will allow you to share a “read only” view of the content in the agreement.  It will not allow anyone to download from the agreement.

is there a way to see all the comps or downloads in an account?

Log in to your account and click on your name, which appears in the upper right corner of the screen.  A panel appears offering links to information about your account, including download & purchase histories and invoices.

Are you able to do this reverse image search function for editorial images? Or just on video + creative images?

We are working towards offering reverse-search functionality on the Editorial stills portion of our website, but this ability is not yet available.

For the video search do I need to name, or labelled the video with a key word?

There is no need to add text or any descriptors when you use our Search by Video feature.  Just drop the clip or frame-grab in and results will be returned.

If one downloads an image and for some reason needs to download the same image again, is the client charged twice for the same image?

This depends on their agreement, they need to check in with their sales rep.

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