How to Use VisualGPS Insights to Influence Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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As you work hard to carve out a unique space within your industry, you likely spend a lot of time developing an effective digital marketing strategy. How are you standing out amongst a crowded playing field? Is your messaging resonating with your audience? Are you creating the right kind of traction for your brand?

A major component in ensuring that your digital marketing strategy is working as hard as possible for your business is ensuring that you have strong visual content across the board, from paid social to email marketing campaigns and everything in between. The right visual can catch someone’s attention in a crowded feed or help a person connect with a message by enabling them to see themselves in the content.

Articles and blog posts with image content garner over 90% more views than those without. Tweets with images and video receive a staggering 150% more retweets than tweets relying solely on text. This is just a snippet of documented proof that consumers want to see impactful images that will drive them to activate.

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Relevance matters

But finding the perfect stock image or video isn’t always easy. You move at a fast pace, and budget is probably tight, so you can’t afford to spend time and money on imagery or video content that is inauthentic, out of date, or irrelevant to your audience. How can you find the right visual content at the right time to get the desired effect?

Without the resources to really zero in on that audience though, you often have to make do with anonymous content that will be relevant to the largest possible audience. If you had the time, budget, and access to data, you’d probably love to research your targeted segment and find out as much as you could about what they expect to see in imagery, based on region, industry, and timely trends.

Check out VisualGPS Insights

VisualGPS Insights has the data you need

VisualGPS Insights is a quick, efficient, and flexible tool for you to tailor your brand’s content to be exactly what your audience is interested in, based on region, industry, and historical trends down to the day. This is done by providing real-time data from active searches over a set time period, giving you the most accurate points to base your visuals around.

With access to these insights, you’ll be able to make decisions about imagery and video based on specific data, giving you confidence in your choices, informing your discussions with creative partners and stakeholders, and helping you get more impact out of your budget with visuals that are more likely to hit the mark.

Here are some examples of how you can leverage VisualGPS Insights to make your digital marketing strategy even more effective.

VisualGPS Insights: Holiday Search Trends for Agencies in the U.K.

Humanizing your holiday campaign by region

Using VisualGPS Insights helps narrow down exactly what people are invested in by region, eliminating a need to rely on broad searches and messaging in hopes of catching anyone who may stumble across your project. By doing this, you can directly target the communities and areas you want and provide them with the value they’re looking for.

A great example of this is searching for holiday terms like “Christmas,” “Holiday,” and “New Years” and then looking for the popular images related to this search results to see what’s trending now and what people are thinking of when they consider these terms. From there, you can narrow the time frame, the industry, and more – allowing you to distill the information to be as nuanced as you want it to be.

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Using the proper color palette for emails

If you’re trying to appeal to a brand-new audience for an email campaign, searching for a trending color or pattern could greatly help with bolstering engagement making your email sends more impactful. By leaning into search terms like “background” and “abstract,” you’ll see exactly what kind of color schemes and art styles are trending at the moment, giving you an edge on what potential new audience members will want to see.

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Informing a budget decision

We understand that many of your decisions come down to the bottom line. Is this worth your time and your money? The short answer is yes.

Because VisualGPS Insights is backed by real-time user-generated data, you can use these statistical findings to justify the cost of your upcoming projects to other stakeholders. This will streamline the discussion phase and allow for a faster alignment across the team.

VisualGPS Insights: Top Family Videos for France

Insights help you find the right visuals for your digital marketing strategy

Whether you’re planning a strategically important paid social campaign or just trying to get better open rates for your email newsletter, choosing visuals that resonate with your audience is essential to success. Now you have everything you need to choose those visuals and get started tailoring your content to satisfy your audience anytime, anyplace with VisualGPS Insights.

Start using VisualGPS Insights for free right now.