The Download: Season 2, Episode 1

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Keeping it real with authentic video

Whether competing for clicks or connecting with consumers, video that looks and feels authentic can make your brand stand out. In this episode of The Download, our visual experts:
  • Share insights on why authenticity matters
  • Go behind the camera with exclusive video contributor Lighthouse Films
  • Provide search tips to easily find the perfect clips for any project or campaign
Bonus: If you’re in finance or healthcare, check out our bonus coverage of the visual topics specific to your industry—with insights and tips for finding the videos that connect with your customers.
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What exactly is meant by "Creative" images?

“Creative” refers to art-directed images and video intended for any and all uses, including use in commercial projects like advertising, websites, blogs, presentations, video productions, as well as virtually any other project you can imagine, within the terms of our content license agreement.  These are visuals created to promote, support, and endorse products and ideas.  This content can be used in commercial products as it is fully released (meaning person and places depicted have signed releases permitting such use).

What’s the best way to search for a person and get shots of that person, not shots where that person is merely mentioned in caption. For example: Photos of Vladimir Putin, not photos of protests of Putin.

For Editorial stills, use the ‘Specific People’ filter. There is no concomitant filter available for Editorial video.

So how do you access the guide?

Check out the newest Getty Images Search Guide:

Additional Resources

  1. Visual GPS ‘Realness
  2. Lighthouse Films
  3. Video Search guide

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