Amp Up Your Video Projects with the New Getty Images Music

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One of the easiest ways to make your videos stand out is to select high-quality, impactful audio to go with your footage. Getty Images already brings impeccable visuals to your videos with world-class video footage and industry-leading stills, and now we’ve launched a brand-new audio library to bring a whole new dimension to your projects.


Easily Search a Full Symphony of New Sounds

The new Getty Images Music is powered by Epidemic Sound, a world leader in the production audio space. With this new partnership, you’ll now have access to 30,000 fully produced music tracks and 60,000 tone-setting sound effects.

The new music platform also brings you a streamlined workflow, making it easier than ever to search the tracks by genre, style, mood, or even arrangement. This all gives you simple access to powerful audio from top composers, producers, and instrumentalists, plus the ability to choose fully produced tracks or smaller production building blocks to produce your own unique arrangements.


Royalty-Free, Easy-To-License Tracks Stay in Sync With Your Projects

Our new audio library couldn’t be easier to fit into your production budget; that’s because all tracks and sound effects are available on a royalty-free basis, all through a Getty Images Premium Access plan.

These plans already put world-leading visuals at your fingerprints with one-click downloads, and now that the new Getty Images Music is in the fold, Premium Access is a one-stop shop for all your production needs. And just like the rest of our Premium Access offering, the usage rights are clear and generous, meaning there will be no legal surprises for your brand after you launch your work.

Getting Started Is Easy

Does all of this sound good? Getting access to our new music offering is as easy as adding it to an existing Premium Access account or signing up for a new one that includes music. Reach out to a rep to sign up, then get ready to make your projects sing.


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