All Teams Can Afford Premium Imagery

  Corporate, Media

Your creative team just came up with another great idea to execute on. The only problem is that you’ve already reached your monthly download number for new assets, forcing you to hit your stock images folder to see if there’s an image you can recycle (a process that can quickly dampen creativity). The reality of being a nimble creative team is that sometimes it can feel like you’re just trying to get the most mileage out of assets you’ve already paid for.

Getty Images offers solutions specifically designed with creative teams in mind. From flexible plans to project management integrations, Getty Images can help reduce some of the common pain points you might run up against—so you can get back to making your most inspiring work.

Less recycled images, more creative freedom

There’s nothing worse than getting excited about a project, only to realize you don’t have the visual assets in-house to actually bring your vision to life. Whether you need images for presentations or high-quality editorial photography for your blog, Getty Images Premium Access lets teams choose the plan that works for them based on the types of visuals they use most often.

Each subscription at the Premium Access level—Essentials, Signature, or Elite—offers access to the world’s best creative content for unlimited users all on one platform. If your team needs building blocks for presentations, Essentials might be the plan for you. Producing a range of video and written content? The Signature plan has 12 million exclusive images and over a million exclusive videos. If you know you’ll need a little bit of everything, including editorial content from news, sports, and entertainment events throughout the year, the Elite plan could be the ticket.

Save time and improve project management

Creatives often spend more of their time managing projects and looking for visuals than they do actually creating new content. Rather than thinking about it as a separate process, finding the perfect asset is actually an integral part of the creative flow. So why not make it enjoyable?

The intuitive search engine powering Getty Images makes it easier for teams to find the perfect visuals. It allows team members to search by item or concept, use advanced filtering to narrow results, search in up to 14 languages, and download multiple images at once to save time and hit deadlines on large projects. Because Premium Access allows you to add an unlimited number of users, you don’t have to worry about a bottleneck with only a few creatives having the ability to find assets. Everyone on the team can find the assets they need to keep projects moving forward. Rather than capping downloads every day or month, Premium Access is structured around annual download numbers. Just estimate the number of assets you’ll need and go forth and create (without scheduling daily or monthly panic attacks over current download quotas).

Broad usage rights to set your mind at ease

Other stock photo libraries tend to offer limited usage rights for only a few channels. The difference between broad and limited usage rights, though, can mean the difference between content that resonates with your audience, or content that feels stale and disconnected.

With Premium Access, you can use royalty-free content in a variety of ways, including across emails, websites, and mobile apps. Depending on your team’s unique needs, you can select Basic, Standard, or Extended usage rights. More protection and extensive, industry-leading indemnification means everyone on your team is free to create without worrying about the fine print.

Learn more about Getty Images Premium Access and how it can help your team create big results.