7 Quick Tips for Small Businesses Selecting Brand Imagery


When small businesses think about branding and creating content, visual representation is vital for engaging new customers. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your visual branding, here are tried and true methods to help you get it right.

1. Take Advantage of Image Licenses

The images you find on gettyimages.com are licensed as royalty-free. With a royalty-free image, your license allows for broad, perpetual use in exchange for a one-time payment.

2. Be Aware of Copyright

Most images are covered by copyright and should not be used without the specific consent of the copyright holder. When you license an image, you’re agreeing to use the image under specific terms and conditions, rather than acquiring ownership of the copyright in the image. Take care to know and understand your license so that your use stays within the restrictions. You cannot claim ownership of that image unless the photographer has transferred the copyright to you in writing.

3. Licensing Images for Resale? Extend Your License.

If you plan to use stock images on products—for example, mugs, shirts, or prints—you’ll likely need to purchase an extended license for resale or larger print runs. Take care to read the terms of your license carefully.

4. Give Credit Where It’s Due

When using stock imagery in an editorial capacity, you should credit the photographer of the image.

5. Get Your Own Library of Stock Imagery

Unless you’ve got a huge budget or your own team of top-notch photographers, it’s not always easy to get highly-personalized content, but thankfully, you’ve got some other options. You can try stretching your budget with a photographer by going for a simple shoot—but if you want more for your dollar, consider our Custom Content solution, which’ll provide you with a library of premium, bespoke imagery that’s yours to exclusively use.

6. Considering Your Audience

When marketing to millennials or Gen Z, find images that authentically speak to their experiences—capture their attention with bold, insightful imagery that reflects what they’re passionate about.

For older professionals or B2B markets, you can make more of an impact using professional, high-quality images that embrace corporate themes in new, original ways.

7. Differentiate Your Brand

Think about the experience of your brand and why you’re different. Are you based in an unusual location? Do you offer an uncommon product? Do you have the best dressed team in town?

Use these ideas to find imagery that resonates with your clients and customers—stay consistent to strengthen your brand identity and keep customers returning.

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